Rohan Bhardwaj

Everything You’veBeen Told About Money Is Wrong

Money is showcased as a powerful tool and the narrative is something often seen is movies, friends and dreams which you been sold. But do they know the difference between the pension retirement fund and investment opportunities. Let’s learn about money from the finance guy himself – Ramit Sethi who shares his nuggets in the …

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Why To Sell Is Human?

‘To Sell Is Human’ is the concept from the Daniel Pink’s book of the same name. This is from the excerpt of the exshcnage between him and Adam Grant, Professor of Management, Wharton School. Everyone Is Selling Daniel assets the idea that everyone is selling. If you pick out a labour report, it is easy …

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What’s In The Fridge?

Systems are hard to change, and thus, there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to. Refrigerator wastes a lot of power. Human beings are shopping in the middle of the supermarket where there are packed goods. Thus the creativity required cooking from fresh vegetables is fading. Also, about ⅓ of the food you buy …

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