Rohan Bhardwaj

Be Supple And Resilient

Not only a cool word, but it is also something you aspire to. To bend, be flexible. The Story Of Lucille The world is going to change, and it’s inevitable, what are you going to do. It doesn’t matter what your ambitions are; things will change faster than your expectations. So being supple is a …

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Math Class Is Hard

Talking Barbie was awesome until one day she started saying – math class is hard, which is a stereotype which resonated with a lot of people. You Are Good At Math Math class might be hard because math isn’t what they teach. They want you to take a test so they can find an easy …

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Moore’s Law

It’s not just a good idea… Law Vs Theory The law defines how the world around you functions. The theory is the explanation of why it happens. And people keep on explaining better things. Thus theories get better. In 1968, Douglas gave demo – of a mouse, hypertext and many other things. But 10 years …

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