What’s In The Fridge?

Systems are hard to change, and thus, there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to. Refrigerator wastes a lot of power. Human beings are shopping in the middle of the supermarket where there are packed goods. Thus the creativity required cooking from fresh vegetables is fading. Also, about ⅓ of the food you buy …

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Artificial Intelligence Is Neither Artificial Nor Intelligent

In -1970s, a Hungarian inventor built the giant chess-playing computer and beat many great chess players at that time. It seemed like a miracle, but any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a miracle. Credit: Arthur C Clarke The Start But all of this was bluff, there was a chess master hidden who would make …

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Possibility And Enrollment

The Change — It’s Possible Earlier book publishing house would publish about 50000 books, and now a million books get published. This has become possible due to the kindle, Spotify and iTunes – the people, have realised that it’s possible now to publish. Missing From Education While it may seem possible, you need the courage …

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