Seth Godin

The Great Pretender

About 25 years ago, McArthur Wheeler realized that lemon juice could be used to make invisible ink. So he put lemon juice on his body. And robbed 2 banks. No surprise, he was caught. Was Sent to Jail. The Dunning Kruger Effect Of course, Mr. Wheeler suffered from Dunning Kruger Effect. Which is a syndrome …

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Bill Gates Has A Problem

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet invented the giving pledge. It’s an exclusive club – where as a member you pledge to give at least half of your net worth. You can do so now or after you die via your will. Yes, of course you need to have $100 million or more to join. And …

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Day Trading Vs Patient Capital

Jeff Bezos used to work for DE Shaw, who was one of the richest man then. But what made him the richest or powerful. Colocation De Shaw pionereed fast trading. Basically a computer program which makes trade faster than the computer. Doesn’t matter the margin of profit. The speed of trade matters. Hence, there have …

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