Seth Godin

Who Is Banksy?

Three people, two approaches. Shepherd Fairey and Banksy risked Jail time to create art. While Jeff Jones risked bankruptcy to create complicated works of art. But one of them is anonymous – who is Banksy? Truth is Truth Isaac Newton spent most of the times predicting end and some of the weird things which can …

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Norms and Rules

In a boxing match, there are certain areas where you can’t hit. And there are other areas where you can hit with a single penalty and remaining areas to hit as you please. So you need to win without breaking the rules. Also, there are certain norms like not hitting when someone is down. Nothing …

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The Hype Cycle

If you play a game of darts and let everyone play then you will get many darts closer to center, few around the edges and few far away from the board. That is called a normal distribution. And this exists in many places. For example, take random 100 books. About 80 percent of them will …

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